Ogletown FAQs


  1. Ashley says:

    Are Ogletown natives allowed to stop in for one of the community events; such as, the summer picnic? My siblings and I all grew up there. I was just thinking it would be nice to bring my nephew to something like that once.

    • Bob Larson says:

      Yes, you and your nephew are welcome. All Ogle Township residents, past and present, are welcome!

  2. grant & carol shaffer says:

    hello, when is the annual yard sale taking place. or did I miss it. thanks, carol shaffer

    • Bob Larson says:

      The yard sale is June 21, 2014. All of the events are listed on the calendar under Events. Here is a link to the One-Stop Yard Sale.

  3. RIKK says:

    Anyone out there have a phone # for the local honey merchant..? Had it and lost it…my bad..tx in advance..Rikk

    • Bob Larson says:

      The local honey vendor was Greg Lynn. We took down the information for Greg because he had lost his bee colonies a while back. I spoke to him today and he still doesn’t have any bees. The winter and lousy spring this year killed a lot of vendors’ bees as well as the native bees. Apiary is a tough business and many vendors are out of business due to bees dying off for many reasons, i.e. environmental, weather, and financial.

  4. roger fleegle says:

    My grandfather, William Henry “Harry” Fleegle, helped build, or built, the brick wall out front on Mt Carmel Drive. Do you have any photos on the internet of this wall?

    • Patrick Himes says:

      Sorry for not seeing this until now. Please call the township office & ask Harvey or Dana if they have any photos. Thank you.

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