Ogletown Now Has Cell Phone Coverage!


  1. grant & carol shaffer says:

    Why doesn’t the cell service work for net 10 phones. Which is Verizon. All this time we were expecting to be able to use the cell as you stated when you were getting the tower hooked up. Now we find out it’s only for certain phones. What a big disappointment this is.

    • Bob Larson says:

      We didn’t know that there would be certain carriers that could access the new tower and that others would be unable to get service. The tower is a Verizon Tower so I guess I could understand Verizon’s not wanting to help their competitors like AT&T. I don’t know much about the Net 10 phones, but I’ll try to get you an answer from Verizon.

      • grant & carol shaffer says:

        thanks, I was looking at other phones that were Verizon, but again they are pay as you go , which is what we use. I guess you have to have a contract to use it here. Because mine is a Verizon net 10 and won’t work. thanks,

        • Bob Larson says:

          As I found out, NET10 uses GSM in this area via AT&T not Verizon. That’s why the phone doesn’t work. I’m not sure what you mean by Verizon NET10 because they are two different companies. I would call your NET10 service as ask them if they can let you use CDMA carriers. Only your service provider can answer your questions.

    • Bob Larson says:

      I checked the NET10 website to see what towers their phones use. Here is what their website shows ( http://www.net10wirelessphones.com/FAQ.html ) :
      Q: What cell towers does NET10 Wireless use?

      A: We’ve partnered with the country’s top four carriers to bring you the network quality you need. The only difference is the cost–we don’t have to pay to build or maintain a nationwide network of towers. That means you get the same dependable coverage they offer–for half the cost. NET10 Wireless uses AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon depending on your coverage area. The majority of phones available on http://www.net10wirelessphones.com operate on AT&T and T-Mobile networks nationwide. You may check your coverage here: http://www.net10wirelessphones.com/Coverage.html

      I entered 15963 on their coverage map on their website ( http://www.net10wirelessphones.com/Your-coverage.html?zip=15963 ) . NET10 does NOT use Verizon in this area, they have contracted with AT&T. This is why your NET10 phones don’t work with the new cell tower in Ogletown.

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